10 Naughty Long Distance Relationship Games

Anyone who’s been in a long distance relationship knows the challenges that come with them. In fact, anyone who’s ever been in any sort of relationship knows how challenging it can be. Let’s be honest, relationships take a lot of work. You need to invest time and energy into the person you’re with and if you slack off, your relationship will feel it. Now, think about long distance relationships. You’re away from that person for long periods of time which can really take a toll on the relationship. You don’t come home to them, go on date nights or surprise them with home-cooked meals, these are the small things that make up a relationship. Sure, you talk to your partner on the phone but it’s not exactly the same as seeing them in person. Without the physical contact, it can be easy to feel like you’re not in a relationship at all. But this doesn’t mean long distance relationships can’t work, they totally can. All this means is that you’re going to have to put in a little extra more work.

Playing games can be a great way to bring some laughter and spice back into the relationship, no matter the distance between you two. These 10 relationship games we’re going to show you are going to leave you feeling positive and more connected with your family. As a couple, you can create games on your own or use some of these games that we’ll talk about below. Either way, playing a game will help you keep the spark going until you see them again.

1. Truth or Dare

Ah yes, the classic truth or dare game. Everyone loves playing this game, though, usually, it’s played at birthday parties or house parties. But just because your partner isn’t with you doesn’t mean you can’t play it. To make up for your partner not being next to you, you can play it on Skype or make them photograph themselves completing the dare. Through truth or dare, you can learn a lot about each other and see how far you guys can push each other out of your comfort zones. You can keep your dares and questions cute and sweet or you can make them naughty and sexy, whichever way you choose to go will work fine. With some questions, you can go a little deeper and really connect with each other. Playing this game is a great way to have some laughs and create memories.

2. Mystery Pictures

Everyone loves solving a good mystery. Take a random photo of something and send it to your partner. Now, they need to figure out what it is. It can be a part of your body or a completely random item. To make the game more sexual, focus on sending your partner pictures of your body or sexual items that you used together. That way, you’ll get their imagination going wild.

3. 20 Questions

This game is about getting into your partner’s head or at least trying to by only asking 20 questions. To play this game, you need to let your partner think of something – anything. Now, once they have a thought, you have only 20 questions to try to figure out what they’re thinking. If you fail to win, you have to pay. Now, before playing the game, you two have to think of what the loser needs to do. By creating a punishment for the loser, it’ll spice up the game and make it saucier.

4. Strip Games

You can’t have your partner next to you but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy you. A great way to keep the spark going is by playing stripping games. You two can do this over Skype or texts, so as long as your partner can see you. Now, the type of stripping game depends on you. You can play a card game or ask each other questions and see if they know the answer. If they get a question right or win a hand of cards, you need to take off an item. With every question or hand of cards they get wrong, they need to take off an item. See how it works? Eventually, you’ll both be completely naked. Not a bad game, right?

5. Play Online Games

You don’t need to create a game, there are plenty of online games for you and your partner to play together. Remember the quote, “those that play together, stay together.” For example, there’s online Scrabble and Monopoly which are a lot of fun when you know the other player. Plus, it adds a little healthy competition to the relationship.

6. Guess Where I Am

If you’re feeling a little distant from your partner, why not get the feeling that you’re closer. This is a fun game that you can play to let them know where you are right now. Play this game if you want to minimize the distance.

To play this game, you’ll want to describe the location that you’re at without giving them too much detail. Then, your partner needs to figure out where you are. Be general in the beginning and if they can’t figure it out, get more specific.

If you’re out and about, this is a great way to make them feel included as if they’re right there with you. If it’s a place that you both love, it’ll be special for them. This game shows them that even though you’re going about your day, they are always on your mind. You can also play this game inside your house. But to make it more interesting, make them guess where you are and also what you’re doing. This is where you can make it a little naughtier if you want.

7. Lamest Quote Game

If you’re having an off-day, then why not play the lamest quote game. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Basically, you and your partner send each other the worst love quotes that you can think of. You know, the quotes that make you cringe just by reading them. You can also do love songs if you’re feeling bold.

8. Scavenger Hunt Game

Now this game requires you two to actually go searching for things. So, if you want something where you don’t need to leave your bedroom, choose one of these other games. This game is for couples who enjoy searching for and discovering new things. To play this game, you and your partner will need to go to a dollar store and look for items for each other. You can choose jewellery, candy or any type of knick-knack – the point is, you should keep your partner in mind while purchasing them. Once you pick the items, send them to your partner in the mail. When you both receive the packages, open them up together while Skyping.  Or you can also choose items where once they receive them, they need to go to the spot where the item was inspired by. For example, if you’re given a small bottle of sand, you would go to the beach where you two had your first kiss.

9. Never Have I Ever

This is a pretty popular game to play when you’re sitting around a campfire or having a couple drinks with your friends. But you can also play this game with your partner. You can play it on Skype or via text. You have the ability to choose the intensity and naughtiness of the question which will really get you to know your partner. There are also online sites and app which can help you come up with questions for this game.

10. Charades

Who doesn’t love a good game of charades? Of course, it may be a little easier if it’s in person, but this is all part of the fun. Make sure you have a good internet connection and a decent camera so that they can see your moves and vice versa. If it’s your date night, make it fun with this game. Make sure you both know the rules and then, start acting out the word or phrase you have chosen. It’s always a good time watching your partner struggle with trying to mime out their word/phrase. There are even online sites and apps which can give you words and ideas for a game of charades.


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