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150 Nicknames for Vagina

Sometimes, we get bored of calling our vagina….a vagina. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe you’re looking for a more playful name or just want a special nickname for your vagina. The word ‘vagina’ isn’t a word that’s full of excitement and you can’t really use it when you want to talk dirty to your woman or just want to fool around.


This means you need a couple nicknames (words for vagina or other names for vagina) handy so that you can use the right nickname for the right occasion. So, we have a hefty list of nicknames that you can use instead of the word ‘vagina’. Of course, you can use nicknames that aren’t on the list as well as you have an endless amount of ways to name your vagina. It is your vagina, after all, so, whatever strikes you, put it on your list of trusty nicknames. The nicknames are organised in categories, that way, they’re easier to go through.

The Most Common Vagina Names

Now, there are some standard nicknames that you can use which are more often used to replace the word ‘vagina’. If you didn’t know there were other words, names or nicknames for vagina, then take a look at these common ones first.

1. Pussy –  this is the most common one used, especially during dirty talk.

2. Cunt – if you’re into the advanced dirty talk, then you’ll probably be using this word.

3. Labia – though this is a part of the vagina, you can use this to mean your vagina as well.

4. Vulva – another area of the vagina.

5. Clitoris/Clit – oh, you know all about the clit. It’s where all the fun is.

Dirty and Sensual Nicknames for Vagina

Now, there are other vagina nicknames that aren’t as common as we’d like to think. You can call the vagina erotically if you’d like as well. Most people use the common nicknames only because they didn’t know erotic nicknames were an option. You can use these erotic names during sex, in letters, text messages, and e-mails. If you’re curious about erotic names, you’re going to discover a bunch of them right now. These words or nicknames can be subtly erotic to intensely erotic, it simply depends on what the couple is into.

6. Yoni – is the Sanskrit word for womb and sacred space.

7. Crease – it does look like that.

8. Slit – kinda looks like one, right?

9. Pink Pearl – so rare to find.

10. Fragrant curls – and for some, no curls.

11. Flower – the best kind.

12. Between her legs – well, they got the location right.

13. The heart of feminity – that and the sexuality.

14. Folds – folds of a flower.

15. Her center – one of her centers.

16. Apex – also a part of the vagina.

17. Canal – if you hit the right spot, they’ll be a flood.

18. Heaven – at least that’s what we hear it feels like.

19. Her entrance – one of them.

20. Groin – you’re getting closer.

21. Mons – fatty tissue, I know, not as wild as you thought.

22. Her essence – don’t forget her brain!

23. Mount of her arousal – well, if you do it right.

24. Pool of moisture – if you excite her, then it can be.

25. Bud – not the beer.

26. Scabbard –

27. Triangular patch – like the Bermuda triangle.

28. Junction of her thighs – I’m assuming a construction worker gave this nickname.

29. Sheath – is another word for tissue.

30. Her core – one of her cores.

31. Her sex – bingo.

32. Wet Curls – or smooth curls.

33. Nub – well, not all of them are.

Historical Nicknames for Vagina

Who doesn’t like to take a walk down memory lane every now and then? Most of us don’t think about history when we’re sexual, however, there have been tons of nicknames for the vagina throughout history. Who would have thought? Many of these classical and historical nicknames were used in theatre and film as well. I bet you’re curious now and if you are, then here some of them that you can use if you’re in the mood to take a trip back in time.

34. House – a house is a place which may hold the penis. It’s from King Henry IV, don’t ask me to explain.

35. Coffer – doesn’t have the nicest ring to it, but it’s actually a box that holds valuables. Get it? The penis is the crown jewels.

36. Road to Christening – because you will be blessed.

37. The Netherlands – for its vegetation?

38. Pie- Corner – well, everyone likes pie…right? But this was actually a famous corner for prostitution in London.

39. French withered pear – if I saw this on a menu, I don’t think I’d order it.

40. Petticoat Lane – you have to be old school to appreciate this one.

41. Mount Pleasant – it’s a long hike up, but worth it.

42. Porridge – it feels like the vagina. There was no deep meaning with this nickname.

43. Lady’s tow toupee – just make sure the toupee doesn’t fall off.

44. Aphrodisiacal tennis court – double what?

45. Case – this was a lawsuit that occurred back in the day, Shakespeare times when a man took a woman who wasn’t his wife to bed.

46. Fancy Article – I guess the vagina is fancy?

47. Altar of Venus – a little too hippie for my taste.

48. Phoenix nest – where the Phoenix rests his head.

49. Contra punctum – it’s Latin, don’t ask me.

50. Cyprian fountain – what?

51. Pretty thing – it is pretty, can’t doubt that.

52. Nature’s treasury – damn right it’s nature’s treasury.

Funny Names for Vagina

Not everything has to be so serious, that’s including the vagina as well. Sure, you may have some sensual and erotic names for it but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a couple funny ones (funny names for a vagina) up your sleeve. Sometimes you just want to share a laugh with your partner, and if so, then these nicknames will certainly bring out some laughs.

53. Love button

54. Beaver

55. Taco

56. Fish Lips

57. Cameltoe

58. Cock sock 

59. Bajingo

60. Sperm bottle

61. Meat Curtains

62. Cookie

63. Nookies

64. Vertical smile

65. Snake charmer

66. Cooter

67. Penis Fly Trap

68. Home plate

69. Cum craver

70. Muff

71. Snapper

72. Vajayjay

73. Goop chute

74. Fuck hole

75. Bikini Bizkit

76. Deep Socket

77. Punani

78. Hot pocket

79. Minge


80. Cock squeezer

81. Poontang

82. Pink Panther

83. Dew flaps

84. Fly catcher

85. Penis glove 

86. Flesh cavern

87. Juice box

88. Quim

89. Catfish

90. Cock pocket

91. Golden Palace

92. Deer Hoof

93. Flaming Lips

94. Flowerpot

95. Fuzzbox

96. Pink taco

97. Trim

98. Cum dumpster

99. Snapper

100. Red lane

101. Axe wound

102. Bacon hole

103. Whiskey Biscuit

104. Catfish

105. Vertical bacon sandwich


106. Spasm chasm

107. The death of Adam


108. Banana basket

109. Kitty

110. Cooch

111. Puff pillow

112. Tuna town

113. Bearded Clam

114. Her asshole neighbour

115. Notorious V.A.G.

116. Tongue roll

117. Pandora’s box

118. Tunnel of love

119. Lady flower

120. Rooster jaws

121. Furburger

122. Dinner roll

123. Coin purse

124. Sausage wallet

125. Love rug

126. Gash

127. Apple pie

128. Silk Igloo

129. Panty hamster

130. Cupcake

Worldwide or Other Names for Vagina

Most of the nicknames above were English words for ‘vagina’ but we can’t leave out some of the great nicknames used in other languages. Why stick to one language when you can have a few words for the vagina in a couple different languages?

131. Dooz – for people in the Netherlands, Dooz, is simply a box. Not as exciting as you thought, right?

132. Toston – in Puerto Rico, Toston means a roasted suckling pig.

133. Sapo – the Chilean people use this word to describe the vagina and it means ‘toad’.

134. Papa – a Spanish word that means two chins on an overweight person.

135. Schwobli – in Switzerland, this words means a bun that looks like a vagina.

136. Moule – it’s a French slang for the vagina. A moule is a mussel shell.

137. Tako – the Japanese aren’t far off with this word. It means octopus. I guess, just like the octopus, it sucks you in once you’re too close.

138. Katori – in India, a Katori is a small bowl for drinking soup out of.

139. Cipka – in Poland, the Cipka is a chick.

140. Alancia – means a piggy bank. The Venezuelans aren’t wrong.

141. Utsuk – a rare species of seal, this is Greenland’s nickname for the vagina.

142. Tanima no yuri – in Japan, the more respectful way to call the vagina is ‘Tanima no yuri’ which also means a delicate white flower.

143. Papusa – in El Salvador, a Papusa is a speciality cheese-filled tortilla.

144. Mus – Swedes sure know how to flatter a woman. Mus means a rodent.

145. Pizza – this Serbian word is used since the vagina has similar folds to a pide (Eastern European pizza).

146. Papaya – in Cuba, they describe the vagina like the Papaya fruit. You’ll understand once you cut a papaya open.

147. Cotorra – an Uruguay word for a parrot or someone who’s loud.

148. Pepita – in Mexico, Pepita, means seed. Come on, Mexico, we expected better!

149. Bicho – it’s a Nicaragua word for an unwanted bug. A little off…no?

150. Arepa – this is a type of food which is a cornbread sandwich filled with meat and cheese.

Bonus: French Word for Vagina is Vagin

Did we miss out on any good nicknames? Were there some that we missed out on? If so, include some of your favorite nicknames for ‘vagina’ in the common section below! Maybe there are some undiscovered nicknames for the vagina! Whether it be pet names for vagina, cute words for vagina or private parts.

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