Nine Things I Liked About Today

This is a list of 10 things I appreciated today. Maybe these are things that you should try and enjoy as well or you can add your own. Enjoy!

I have been struggling with my depression lately and I’m afraid I’m not getting anywhere in life.  My family is in Michigan and it’s been years since I’ve seen them.  I saw my marriage counselor this week and he gave us a challenge of making a list of things I like everyday.  Some of these things are really personal, but I’m sure the list will get better with time.  Feel free to comment or add anything to the list that you enjoy.  

1) I like the fact that Jan (my individual counselor) had some time for an extra session and how uplifting she is.  I like the exercise she showed me today.  I liked her hair.

2) I liked the fact that Jess said yes to watching our kids on Wednesdays so we can go to marriage counseling still.

3) I like the relief of having a full tank of gas.

4)I like the many clothes I have and jewelry.  I can do a lot with them.  I can have a different outfit every day.  I like collecting clothes.

5) I like the fact of having two sessions with Jan next week (because I have been more depressed lately).

6) I like how blue the sky is today.

7) I like the fact that Mark fixed Planet Fitness so it wouldn’t pull out from our account anymore so it doesn’t go negative.

8)I like the smell of Johnsons bedtime baby lotion.

9) I like feeling needed and wanted when Stanley (my son) wants me and only me to give him a bath.

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