Nutrition Basics for People Suffering From Headache

Severe headache that accompanies migraine, truly a real test for people with this diagnosis. Typically, such patients prescribed strong painkillers, but recently it was reported that using the power of normalization it is possible to forget about migraines.

This principle of power divides products into two categories : one is completely contraindicated in migraine , since these products are only increase the risk of illness and pain amplification ; while the other category is represented by the so-called ” calming ” products . Now it’s more about Pohorje .

If you are plagued by constant headaches , then it’s time to completely overhaul your diet and the contents of refrigerators. So first tell you about those products that are imperative to reduce headaches. First of all , remember one important rule : people with migraine is not recommended to skip meals . It is known that during starvation , even with small , reduced body glucose . For people with constant headaches it can cause the onset of pain .

No harm will be put into a well-known diet ginger. It turns out that it contains special materials that help reduce pain and anti-inflammatory effect . Same potent analgesic has a familiar spice - pepper . The fact that the peppers contain a substance capsaicin - so he can deal with the pain.

If every day to eat a small portion of spinach or drink a glass of spinach juice mixed with cucumber , you can reduce the risk of pain. It is also important to introduce a diet of foods rich in magnesium are nuts and greens . Are helpful and foods rich in calcium, but it is not recommended to eat dairy , as they only increase the likelihood of a severe headache .

Now it is necessary to tell about those products on which should completely eliminate migraines . First of all, carefully study the product packaging and refrain from buying those that contain monosodium glutamate . Also not recommended to get ” caffeine ” products , as most other substances caffeine provokes headaches.

It is also completely abandon beer , cheese and wine , as they contain histamines dilate blood vessels , which causes migraines. Also dangerous for migraines and such substance as thiamine . Usually, it is contained in soy sauce , yogurt and smoked meat .

Waiver of certain products , only a small fee for health and well being .

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