Nutrition Education Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence

Nutrition education that is focused on reducing the consumption of red meat and increased intake of fruit and vegetables could actually help reduce the recurrence of breast cancer.

In a small study of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, a total of 18 breast cancer patients (intervention group) for 12 months educated on proper nutrition. Meanwhile, the control group of 75 patients did not receive any education.

The patients in the intervention group consumed red meat 50 percent more than the control group. As a result, the control group appeared to have a greater body twice and three times higher than the body mass index (BMI).

Weight gain and consumption of red and processed meat has been associated with increased oxidative stress are proven to influence an increase in the growth of cancer cells.

“Although the sample size is small and the data collected at different times, this study provides evidence that women undergoing treatment for breast cancer may benefit from nutritional monitoring direct, individualized and detailed,” said lead author Cecilia C. Schiavon, as reported by Fox page News.

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