10 Nutrients Found in Avocado and Kiwifruit

The avocado and kiwi are considered as two of the most nutritious fruits. Check out some nutrients both are packed with.

If you want fruits which are a treasure trove of health promoting goodness, you can’t go wrong with the avocado and the kiwi. These super foods top the list of fruits which are considered most nutritious. Discover and compare the density of their healthy compounds and the overall benefits of avocado and kiwifruit.


When it comes to flavor, texture and nutrient value, the avocado is a winner. It has a unique smooth, creamy, buttery taste and is packed with vitamins and minerals that take care of the skin, eyes, joints, brain and heart. Its excellent fiber content keeps the colon healthy; a must-eat for women who are pregnant and planning to have a baby as its very high folate content boosts fertility and promote the baby’s healthy development. Avocado has more potassium than bananas and its monounsaturated fats (good fats) makes it a champion anti-ager, anti-inflammatory, and cholesterol-sweeper. 


When it comes to vitamin C and K, kiwi is more powerful than avocado. And just like the avocado, it also boasts of having fiber, potassium, vitamin E and the healthy fats but in lower amounts. The benefits of kiwifruit to one's health is BIG. Slice and add in fruit salads, make banana-kiwi shake, or top in your favorite tarts.

* Nutrient Data Source: USDA

Data Refers to Daily Value (DV) for every 100 grams