Every day, there are choices we make that directly affect our energy level. From the minute we wake in the morning until the wee hours of the night, we are putting our bodies through various conditions that can have beneficial and sometimes adverse effects on our overall well-being. Do you choose a morning cup of coffee? Some studies have shown that 1-2 cups of coffee a day can actually stave off depression. Could this be the extra stimulant your life has needed? While this is a great discovery, one also knows that coffee can produce teeth stains and can often leave one feeling dehydrated and more worn out after the caffeine effects have long dissipated. Though one might feel a temporary energy boost, caffeine is a diuretic; a substance that increases fluid loss, thus the dehydration effect. This can have adverse effects on one's well-being as a whole, if the drink is overused. The average adult's body weight is about 60 percent water. It is no wonder that studies have concluded that we need approximately 8-10 8-ounce cups of water per day to maintain this equilibrium. If we fail to consume this vital beverage, our bodies will feel the difference. Our blood runs to every organ in our bodies powered forcefully by the great clear liquid we direly need. So much so that a person can die within days of not consuming water, but can live days, weeks, and months without food. Water is clearly one of the greatest substances we need and can add more of and be the better for in all facets of a healthy lifestyle. It has been shown to improve skin conditions, improve mental clarity, raise energy levels, and detoxify among other invaluable benefits. For those wanting to lose weight, or firm up trouble areas, water can also miraculously stave off hunger. Studies have shown that, in fact, when one craves sweets, it is often due to thirst and the need for a tall glass of water. So, do your body, your health, your energy level, and your life good. Take care of yourselves and drink water!