The Benefits of Caffeine

People should stop looking at caffeine as a bad drug and realize caffeine’s benefits outweigh its downfalls. Ninety percent of people across the world have drunk caffeine for its stimulating effects. Caffeine is used in many medications and even has many benefits for just daily consumption as well. Caffeine isn’t a terrible thing that we should quit taking, and start buying all caffeine free pop for our children. Caffeine by itself has many advantages for people and also for the medical field too.

The physical and mental advantages of caffeine outweigh the disadvantages. If a person consumes a moderate consumption of caffeine then they will actually benefit from that. “Caffeine is classified as a stimulant because it increases the activity of the cardiovascular system, digestive system, and provides a sense of alertness in the brain.” Sandra M. Alters“Scientists know that caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, resulting in increased alertness and mood elevation.”Caffeine has been proven to increase work capacity, stimulate respiration, and perform Intellectual tasks more easily. Caffeine greatly increases the metabolic processes used in everyday activity, resulting in an increase in breathing rates. Caffeine can also raise some persons body temperature due to the increase in blood flow and muscle activity. Caffeine shortens reaction time and within minutes of consumption cause the drinker to feel more alert. “Research has shown that caffeine can improve endurance at levels of 3-6mg/kg.” Ramond, Goldberg Caffeine must give you a good enough performance enhancement to have the Olympics test for it when testing their athletes before events. Other positive effects of caffeine are that it elevates moods and temporarily reduces fatigue.

Caffeine has many prescription and over the counter medical benefits. When infants are born premature and have weak lungs they prescribe caffeine, because of its bronchodilator effect of opening the airways in their lungs. Caffeine acts as a pain killer and is often contained in headache medicine. When caffeine is combined with headache medicine like ibuprofen, it brings faster and longer relief from headaches. Caffeine increases the acidity in your stomach, which helps speed up the absorption of pain medications. “Caffeine’s effect on blood vessels around the brains important in medicines that reduces pain from tension headaches because it constricts both the inner and outer vessels.” Caffeine is also used in sleep medications like nodoz to keep you awake and more alert, because it delays the time it takes for the consumer to fall asleep. Caffeine blocks adenosines from binding with a receptor that tells your body that you are tired. Adenosine is a purine that is important in human genetics and cell function. Caffeine is also used in certain weight loss medications because of its metabolic effects. “Fatty acids are released into the blood, and a general increase in metabolism is evident as there is increased muscle activity, and calcium is made available through caffeine’s action in the muscles for contraction.”

Caffeine doesn’t have a bad effect on children or mental disorders. Researchers have done studies and concluded that caffeine isn’t associated with hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder. Most people would think that children shouldn’t have caffeine and that it would be bad for them, but it’s not like that at all. Children are no more sensitive to caffeine than adults are. Children actually rid their bodies of caffeine faster than adults do. Caffeine is equally effective on adults as children, and children are no more sensitive to caffeine than adults.

Caffeine has been consumed and used for as far back as the stone age, and is consumed by nine out of ten people all across the world every day. The misconception is that caffeine is a health hazard and should be monitored in our daily diet but actually what we should watch are the foods and drinks we consume that contain caffeine.

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