The Health Benefits of the Chia Seed

The chia seed is a very healthy seed and is quickly becoming a very popular health food. What makes this seed such a healthy addition to the daily diet?

Could it be true? Could the Chia Seed be healthier than the Flax Seed? With the popularity of Flax Seed Oil and the sales of all Flax products soaring in health food stores across America, the flax market has some new competition. Look out flax; there is a new seed in town, read the benefits of Chia Seeds!

What Makes The Chia Seed A Super Food?

Around for centuries, the chia seed in only now starting to gain recognition as the super food that many health gurus have always known it to be. Will this be a short-lived health fad or will the chia seed become common place in the household cupboards of the 21st century?