Nutritional Values of Colors of Fruits and Vegetables

A brief but interesting description of the color chemistry of different fruits and vegetables helping to know why nature has painted them in different colors.

Nature has bestowed us with various different colorful edible things and they are not only for beautifying,  making these natural products delicious and mouth watering but the colors are meant to indicate the dominating nutrient they contain. Here are some colors that we frequently find in vegetables and fruits. Let us see what they indicate-  

Red and Purple- Red and purple colored natural fruits and vegetables are rich in some of very essential antioxidants such as Anthocyanins. These antioxidants have capability to fight with deadly disease like cancer. They also prevent the unusual blood clotting and hence reduce the danger of cardiac arrest or heart attack. Tomato, strawberry purple or black colored grapes are such lofty and delicious red fruit-vegetables that can be included in diet regime.

Orange- Orange colored fruits and vegetables are known for their richness in vitamin A so are very useful foe eyes and skin.

    Yellow- Yellow fruits and vegetables are well known for their capacity to make the immune system strong. They contain an antioxidant named Beta-Cryptoxanthin that makes the body tissues healthier. This antioxidant is also very useful for our eyes. Yellow colored fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamin c that helps the body to fight numerous diseases.

 Green-The green color of fruits and vegetables simply indicates that they are very rich in iron. Not only this, these fruits and vegetables contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin and hence are beneficial for eyes.

 White- Garlic, onion, white mushroom are such natural products that contain countless rare and very useful elements that are capable to fight numbers of deadly diseases. Besides countless beneficial nutrients, onion and garlic have an essential component Acilin that prevents tumors in body. White mushroom have enough falconoid that make the body tissues healthy and prevent them from damages.  

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