Often Causes Itching Ears

There are a lot of causes why we often itchy ears but we do not know what and how to cure it.

Beware if you are often itchy ears, as this because it could be an itchy ear is a symptom of a serious disease that starts from the ear. Here are some causes why your ears are often itchy.

Various causes itchy ears and treatment as follows:

1. Itching for Infection

This type of itching is usually a form of micro-organisms in response to infection of the body. Could be due to chicken pox, measles, or others. Treatment for this type of itch as usual by giving talcum powder or salicylic ointment to the outer ear and olive oil to the inner ear. This is because as the primary disease treatment, itching will disappear by itself.

2. Itching for Another Cause

For example, as the temperature is too hot or too cold temperatures; treatment of certain diseases; and also stress. Treatment can be done for these types of itchiness is usually neutralize temperature, cold powder giving up relaxation therapy.

3. Itching for Allergy

This type of itching is usually a form of reaction to certain foods, such as seafood, milk, nuts, cosmetics, dyes and detergents; chemicals, metals, toxins, to insect bites. For this type of itch treatment that can be done is by removing the allergen substances and taking anti-allergy medications that can be bought in pharmacies or as prescribed by a doctor, such as antihistamines. Giving ointment or eucalyptus oil can be given on allergies caused by insect bites (outer ear).

4. Itching Are the Symptoms of Serious Illness

For example, due to infection of the skin and tissues, persistent infection of the outer ear to outer ear infections seriously. For the treatment of itching ears this type of prescription drug that can cure, such as steroid creams. Because of this itching is a symptom of a serious disease.

So a few words about some of the causes of itchy ears and treatment. Be sure to identify the type of itching that happens to you. Treat according to the type of itch. If the itching lasts continuously and make you quite disturbed, immediately contact your doctor. Hopefully Helpful …!

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