Older People, Still a Very Relevant Part of Society

Realizing the importance of the not so young in our society.

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Please don’t say, “old man,”
to me about your father.
Can tell you, listen not bother,
I was taught to honor.
Those not so young,
most a wise tongue.
Disrespect those older,
shows a heart, colder.
Knowledge learned, years,
books can’t teach you,
hard times, hard work, tears.
To curse mother or father,
shows manners, terrible,
need not do, think, try harder !
Disrespect, disregard, the elderly,
is to trample, important part of society!
To mock, laugh, or to fun,
in a strifeful degrading way,
much about you, does say.
I pray those older, decency show,
appreciation, the road made,
easier life and journey, all know.
Remember God willing, you’ll be old,
life careful, you may be betrayed!!  

“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.”
- Andy Roone

 This older lady still has a few tricks up her sleeve!

 She showed him…!

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  1. Such a respectful way to show respect for the elderly. I’m getting there but thank God I was taught better. In fact, I loved listening to the stories of old by my Father and Mother. I learned and did as I was told. I can’t get how young folks regard us as we mature now, but it’s awful and thanks for sharing a beacon of real light in this! :)

  2. This is just an excellent reminder of how important it is to show respect. If we learned it at home great, if not then pray someone important in our life taught us better. What a great way of telling such an important story in the form of a poem! Great Job!!

  3. Thanks Jswana and Francie and all who view.

  4. We’ll all get to old age one day-hopefully.

  5. Great stuff to read, thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you for such a nice tribute to us old folks.

  7. Nice share.

  8. Awesome share.

  9. excellent share. I guess a lot of people should read this one

  10. excellent share. I guess a lot of people should read this one :)

  11. I learn something here

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