One Past Research Find in The Battle Against Aids

It’s never enough.

By all accounts AIDS research has been a miserable failure. After 25 million deaths and 33 million infected people scientists have changed direction and interestingly it involves a cheap, common compound called glycerol monolaurate. Here is some past data with respect to glycerol monolaurate.

In a past article on Reuters titled “Common ingredient offers AIDS protection,” Maggie Fox reports that glycerol monolaurate is found in ice cream, breast milk and some soap. Certainly there would appear to be access to it.

This methodology for treatment is different in that it actually is a “preventative.”

The way scientists have been approaching the AIDS epidemic is to try and find a cure after the person has been infected.

By using the compound glycerol monolaurate the scientists are actually using the compound to act as a preventative before the virus can affect the immune system, in other words, before the virus can affect the white blood cells.

The way that the glycerol monolaurate is being used is as a protective gel or microbide, applied topically to the vaginal area. This protection process is primarily aimed at protecting women. Women can easily be infected because they are approached by husbands who refuse to wear condoms often at a time when they are trying to get pregnant.

In the testing which admittedly was a small sampling of monkeys, four out of five were protected by the gel.

It is felt that it will protect men who choose to have sex with other men as well.

The other advantage to this particular treatment is that it is very inexpensive.

The use of the gel doesn’t stop with AIDS. It may be used on tampons to reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome.

Not that we have to be reminded what a tragic illness AIDS is but too often it is just thought of in terms as it relates to same gender sex.

In looking at recent numbers, we find that some poignant facts about AIDS include the fact that globally two million children are living with aids; globally 2.7 million people were newly infected with AIDS in a recent annual assessment and two million people died from AIDS of which .37 million were children.

Even allowing for some amount of error in these numbers, it is obvious that AIDS is a curse but, and this is an opinion, I think our best bet is in the area of prevention.

Hopefully scientists, by attacking the virus before it attacks the body, will reduce and ultimately eradicate this dread disease.

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