Our Chiropractor is Leaving

We’re sad to see our chiropractor go.

Outpatient Chiropractic Clinic

As I said in my last post, I believe, I got the whole apartment put back together yesterday other than the deck closet which I will do later. I was tired to the bone, but the apartment looks good with the new carpet. My back was sore so I was glad to see the chiropractor this morning. She stretched me out and gave me a good banging with her little pressure gun. I felt much better walking out than walking in.

Outpatient Chiropractic Clinic

It was kind of sad. Today is her last day as our chiropractor. She is such a sweet girl and so accommodating. We hate to see her leave but she’s going to a chiropractor office as an intern and after several months she will be starting her own practice. I really hope she makes it. Sometimes I wonder if we have too many chiropractors in our area. It seems we see one on every street and corner.

But she is from, I believe Maine, she told us where she’s from but I’ve forgotten, She says they don’t have as many chiropractors in that area and her dad is helping her set up her office. I wish her luck. We will see our new chiropractor next time we go in. She chose him especially for his sense of humor, which is good because she knows what a sense of humor my better half has.

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