Our Digital Futures

The Future of humanity?

At this moment in our history we are building computer enhanced people and many universities are finding ways of connecting people to computers. I have electronically enhanced hearing, even the canals of my ears have been tuned by a computer so that I can hear perfectly. Digital Hearing, I have heard of others being helped with their sight and others are being helped with their memories. I am one of the first to be helped this way but most people could have their hearing improved by a computer.

I understand that several universities are trying to create computers that are completely aware. For most creatures the awareness test is normally done by a mirror

If a creature is aware of themselves in a mirror this is a degree of intelligence many birds have this awareness and so do mammals like Dolphins and can be seen as a step in gaining intelligence. It will not be very long before we have computers that are not only aware of themselves but also aware of other people.

I believe that if anything becomes so aware that it understands liberty and freedom at that moment it becomes a slave.

Can we imagine digitally enhanced animals all wanting to be free?

What an amazing opportunity for us to improve the lives of creatures perhaps we could send them signals when we need their help.

We are just opening the door to a wonderful future thanks to computer enhancement providing we respect all life but making slaves of other creatures is a likely outcome.

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