Our New Chiropractor

We met our new chiropractor.

Guy Riekeman at Life Chiropractic

Our chiropractor is on a two week vacation and will then be leaving for her own practice, in Maine I believe she told us. She chose another chiropractor for us with a good sense of humor who she thought would be compatible with my better half. He came in for a quick hello on our last visit and seemed like a really nice fellow. Today we saw him for the first for our adjustments.

I went first because I wanted to return to the lobby to read my Scott Turow that I’ve been reading in bits and pieces for several days. He is good, In fact, I believe better than our former chiropractor. She was nice but a I believe this one is better.

I’m sure he and my better half had a jolly old time when I left the room. His name is Derrick and he really loosened up my whole body. My better half said he thought the guy was good, too. We’ll be seeing him once a week for awhile and maybe twice a week later on. So, that was our morning.

I hope the site is running better today than the last two. For two days in a row the site has been running terribly slow and with lots of errors. Three of my submissions have not been published. Triond pays so little anyway, I don’t know why we continue. Well, I do. I like to stay in touch with friends here.

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