365 Days of Fibromyalgia.

I was thinking and it’s crazy how it’s said that one will feel better if you exercise. And that is a true statement but it’s not quite that simple when you have chronic pain. 

Now I’ve exercised and was proud of myself, but and yes there is a big but… I have tried different things and it’s not just to do it, it’s also to try and lose weight. Or at least drop some fat to lighten my load. I do feel things would be a little easier if I could drop some pounds. 

I do aerobics from a DVD and it’s ok but I get bored and I feel strong when doing it. Also I enjoy using the treadmill and it can be great, but there are times my body starts hurting. Calves, ankles, legs, and whatever else and oh can’t forget the headaches. I’ve gotten headaches after working out, but I felt good during and was proud of myself though. 

When it’s around the time of my menstrual cycle it’s tough to keep going, because I have premenstrual symptoms; so I start to cramp and ache all over before anything even happens. Then when it does start its about seven days and I may be in pain for five, never know how much I will be able to do or move around. 

I do know when I don’t do a lot of moving around, be that exercising or just talking a walk; that affects me and I feel really sick. 

So now I have to think of everything as exercise because I’m doing the best that I can. 

We hurt and are told to exercise that causes us to hurt still. And yes it’s easy on the body and joints if you do exercise in water [pool] but for me I find that it’s tricky just like when you have good days full of energy and you may tend to over do it because you can. I feel when I’m in the pool I want to move around so much because it’s easy and it doesn’t hurt. But still if I over do it and stay in the pool to long later I am aching. 

We can find ways to do things easier and to relieve some pain but it’s temporary.  

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