Parents Should be More Sensitive to The Fat Girl

Parents Should be More Sensitive to the Fat Girl.

Despite much study and discussion that outlines the devastating impact of the child’s body is too fat. However, not a few parents who are still fooled in distinguishing children who are obese and who like to eat.

Children who have childhood overweight can suffer from a series of illnesses with risk of death when they grow old. However, do not panic, you can prevent it as early as possible through simple tips that do not require high costs. Curious? The following description is quoted as saying Boldsky lifestyle.

Stop when full

One of the habits of parents in Asia are requiring children to spend their food to the plate clean. In fact, this is not entirely true. Therefore, the portion of the dose that you specify is not necessarily in accordance with the nutritional needs of children.

Stop applying such rules, do not make children afraid to say satisfied although there is still food on the plate. Do not just hit anger fearing parents, children forced myself to spend on food when the stomach was stuffed.

Diet is not for toddlers

Your favorite little one as young as toddlers, this means that it is still too early to follow a strict diet program that can make it limp throughout the day. Because, as we all know, the age of children is an important phase in its infancy. Actually, all you have to do is set up the portion and nutrition on children’s diet. Do not directly restrict absolutely should not be snacking chocolate, cheese, potato chips, and so on. Instead, replace it with a type that is not too fatty and high calorie. Bottom line, do not be too extreme.

Doctors recommend that parents give three servings of food are interspersed with two types of snacks. Then, make sure your child eat in a sitting position, so that the process of digestion in the body to run properly.

Do not force children to do things they do not like

Generally children do not like taking supplements, such as fish oil and others. When in fact, these supplements can make them more powerful stamina and primed. However, if children do not like do not force them to eat. Therefore, the most healthy food is only going to end up being regurgitated, if the child refuses to eat liver.

Do not eat in front of the television

What is the relationship between television viewing with obesity in children? Apparently, eating while sitting or lying in front of the TV trigger appetite higher. Therefore, the concentration of children at the time focused on his favorite show, so that makes them forget and tend not to feel the stomach is full.

More sensitive in girls

If you have a toddler girl, try to keep the more sensitive feelings. Because, even though he is still young and do not understand self-image, has a daughter who is very sensitive to the feelings of rejection that they experienced in childhood. In some cases, causing trauma continue to carry until they are adults.

Therefore, never to condition that fat is bad. If you want to reduce their food intake so that children do not suffer from obesity, you should outsmart by selecting the type of foods that are low in fat and calories.

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