Paris Hilton Body Spray

The lovely scent of Ms. Paris Hilton.

I love a lovely scented perfume or body spray and this one is no exception.  The first time I took a sniff of this scent, I was looking for something for my mother.  I love this body spray so much that I vowed to get me a bottle the next time I went back. My sister’s +birthday rolled around and I knew exactly what I wanted to get her. Or should I say I knew exactly what I wanted.  *wink

 So there it was on the shelf and hidden as if someone had hidden the last bottle for themselves.  But remember I want a bottle for myself as well. So I’m a little dissapointed that there’s only one bottle left. So as bad as I wanted her to have this scent, I wanted it more. Of course I was going to choose something different for her and keep little Ms. Paris Hilton to myself.  But when the clerk came to unlock the cabinet; well I spy another bottle just hidden beyond reach. The excitement you can’t imagine. 

 If you haven’t tried this body spray , I believe you should.  I also believe you’ll love it!

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