Part Two of My Experience with The Nicu

The second and last part to my experiences with the NICU.

The NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) is the place where babies who are under 4lbs, or have trouble upon coming out into the world go for some extra help.

In my case as most of my readers already know is that my son was 3lbs 13oz and had to go to the NICU; however health wise he was just fine. No I won’t say perfect because Perfection does not exist. But in my eyes yes my son was perfect.  He went from the end of the NICU that needs the most help to the end that prepared the babies to go home very quickly.  Going home without my son was the most heartbreaking thing by far that I have ever had to do. People would say “the stork dropped off a lovely baby for you” but it sure didn’t feel like the “stork” did anything. It felt like I had little to no control over what happened to my son and what kind of care he was getting. I felt like when I wasn’t there he wasn’t getting the care he should be getting, which was my own care. The nurses in the NICU did a wonderful job of preparing my son to come home. The doctor for the NICU that made the medical choices (with my knowledge) also did a wonderful job of making sure he was gaining the weight he needed in order to be able to come home. 

When the nurses in the Maternity Ward mentioned that I may be going home (without my son) I automatically broke into tears, and the student obstetrician  sent a social worker to come and talk to me and help me cope with going being on a separate floor in a separate room from my son, as well as going home without him. 

Only the mothers who have had to go home without a child due to being in the NICU truly know how hard that is. When you give life to something and have to leave it behind it is like leaving a part of yourself behind. There is no harder thing to compare that too; not in my life anyway. I’ve done hard things and been through tough situations but NOTHING was as tough as the day I had to leave my son behind. No it wasn’t for as long as some mothers and I don’t envy them but I can in some cases relate to how they feel when they leave their child and have to go home without them. It is something that is unimaginable hard and I wouldn’t want to do it again. He may have only been in their 10 days but it was still just as hard. 

To the moms who have a child in the NICU; hold on to hope, visit your child, be involved in the doctors decisions. No I won’t promise that your baby will return home but I do promise they have a higher chance if you are there with them, spending time with them, talking to them, showing you love them.  A parents bond to their child has been proven to save a life, it’s been proven to make miracles happen. And most of all know that you are not alone!

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