People Who are Depressed and What They Have to Say About It

As you probably know, depression is no picnic. With the bad economy, having to look like a model in order to get by, losing your job and other bad situations can make a person depressed.

Depression is like being in a dark room with no door. It eats up your mind and it makes you feel in despair.

Here are some people who are depressed and what they have to say about it.

“I just lost my job and I can’t find another one.” Says a young man who looks like he is in his thirties. He has black curly hair and dark eyes. “It is so hard to find a job these days and I am running out of money.” He says. “It makes me very depressed not to have a job. But I have to cope. I don’t want to come to pieces and go to a mental hospital.”

Another person who is a woman with red hair, green eyes who looks unwashed said this. “My depression is brain chemistry. I see a doctor once every two weeks. My Doctor says that I am mentally ill and that my depression is brain chemistry. I take anti depressants and I feel a little bit better.”

“I get depressed easily and I find it hard to function.” A man who looks like he in his twenties with blond hair and china blue eyes comments. “I have problems making friends. I am on welfare. I live in a bed bug infested apartment. I don’t have enough money to live on. It makes me feel terrible.”

“When depression hits me, I try to spice things up like knitting or painting.” An old women comments. “Putting my mind to good things helps me feel better.”

A homely teenage girl says, “In school, the kids pick on me because I’m not pretty. They give me hell. It makes me feel bad. Really depressed. I never had a close friend and I never had a boy friend. One time, I was at a school dance and no guy asked me to dance. In fact they laughed at me.”

A lot of people are depressed these days. They just can’t cope with their lives. Depression is hitting more people than ever. People today, are rude, disrespectful and they just don’t care. People are losing their jobs because of the bad economy. You have  to look good and if you don’t as  mentioned above, you have a  problem.

Coping with depression is hard. There is a cure for depression, however. Activity. When you get depressed, you should keep your mind occupied. Clean the house. Join a church group. Play some of your favorite music and dance to it. Also, try to look on the bright side. I know that it is hard to do, but if you put your mind to  positive things, you will feel better. Trust me you will.

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