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Biblical Insights Into Medicine (Sermon Outline)

I was born and raised as a young child in the exciting times when science was making breakthroughs in medicine. I participated in some of the first polio vaccine injections and later in the oral vaccine. I remember taking penicillin "as is" in orange juice when battling ailments like scarlatina and full-blown scarlet fever. I feel that there have been many times God has used medical science to help mankind. However, there is the "other side of the coin."

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Arthritis Treatment - Pharmaceuticals Compared to Alternative Remedies

Rheumatoid arthritis is principally thought to be the second most common type of arthritis, with osteoarthritis generally being most typical. Unlike osteoarthritis which generally impacts the cartilage within one’s joints, rheumatoid arthritis affects the synovial membrane.

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Please Keep Quiet

It is always best to attempt to keep our mouths closed when the facts to a matter of statement we are about to make are not clear, provable or in evidence at all. We, as a people and a country, have stopped listening because of the incorrect, untrue or unsubstantiated information we receive from supposed authority figures.

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Drug Pushing Gps

Pushing drugs is not just the habit seedy characters on dark street corners, but more often the powerful corporate institutions who manufacture them.

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The Drug Debate: Pharmaceuticals Still Making Millions While People Die From Improper Testing

Pharmaceutical companies are notorious for how much money they make. Are these profits and the dream of additional profits making it more dangerous for the people taking the medications?

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What The Death of Michael Jackson Says About Us All

All the eulogies praising Michael Jackson as the greatest enetetainer ever (he wasn’t but he was the most hyped) the greatest danger (Nuryev, Baroishnikov, Nijinsky?) and the greatest pop singer (Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Mick Jagger?) are meaningless and all the accolades merely a subjective opinion. But the manner of his death and what emerged in the trial of hid doctor makes a very significant comment on the society and the celebriy culture that created him.


Is There Such Thing as TOO Much Healthcare?

Getting every test and procedure done when you’re ill is a good idea…right?

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Pushing Drugs

Simply put the medication prescribed could be more dependent on how well paid the doctors are for using it than how well suited it is to your particular needs.


How to Cure Even a Stubborn Cough

I have been suffering from cough for almost a month. It was a tough cough. I was given some antibiotics but it did not subside.

I tried different medicines like allopathy, homeopathy and other sundry remedies but to no avail.

At last I found a great remedy to my long persisting cough.

Let me tell you how I got rid off my tough cough. Even I recommend this remedy for children also.


Modern Day Medicine: The Science of Sales

Despite warnings, side effect disclosures, and a variety of medical problems Americans continue buying into the modern day pharmaceutical system. Is it safe?