Physicians Specializing in Bio-identicals

Physicians Specializing In Bio-identicals.

Physicians Specializing In Bio-identicals

If you are a woman in the middle years of life, then you might have noticed some changes beginning to happen to your body. Perhaps you have hot flashes or night sweats, or seem to be forgetful or have headaches often. These, along with other signs, can be symptoms of estrogen decline. One way that women choose to gain control of hormonal imbalances is to start hormone replacement therapy, or HRT. Hormones can be natural to humans, and these types are called bio-identical hormones. Others are synthetic hormones. Bio-identical hormones have a chemical structure that is the same as naturally-occurring hormones found in the human body, whereas synthetic hormones do not have the same structure and may be responsible for side effects that can occur with hormone replacement therapy.

When you are considering hormone replacement therapy, you will want to consult Physicians specializing in bio-identicals. When choosing a pharmacy you should look for a pharmacy that does compounding medications which will customize your medications to better meet your needs and your bio-identicals prescribed by your physician. They can create a special dosage strength or form in a way that large pharmaceutical companies do not offer in the mass quantities. Physicians specializing in bio-identicals have come to rely a compounding pharmacy because they know that their patients will be taken care of properly, and that they can fine-tune a medication so that it will do the most good for each and every patient that they help.

Women are not the only ones who might notice symptoms of hormone imbalances. This can occur with men as well. Androgen, estrogen, and cortisol levels can rise or decline starting in a man’s middle years, as they can for women. Some of the symptoms can include feeling tired, increased sweating, depression, bone loss, high cholesterol, hot flashes, and a loss of muscle mass. If you have noticed these symptoms, it might be a good idea to seek out a Physician specialist who can determine if hormone replacement therapy could help you feel better. Physicians specializing in bio-identicals have the knowledge about bio-identical hormones, and when you take your prescription to be filled at the Pharmacy, that will customize your specific medications to meet your precise health needs.

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