Plaque Deposit on The Teeth

Tooth decay is the sign of neglect in caring the teeth. Gum disease is the most common form of infection in the gum line. Chronic inflammation will result to loosening of tooth structure. It can only be saved if good oral hygiene is carried out continuously. There’s no beauty having no teeth. Don’t let it happen!

Good oral hygiene results to healthy teeth. Unhealthy gum causes periodontal disease. The tissues that supported the teeth were destroyed due to inflammation. The redness of the tissues were signs that it is under bacterial infection especially in the gum area, tooth socket, periodontal ligaments as well as the alveolar bones. This inter-related parts around the teeth are under heavy bombardment of bacteria. The bacteria lived there for awhile until necessary treatment is being done to destroy them.

What is the beginning of its infection? It started in plaque deposit. Plaque is a sticky materials composed of concentration of bacteria. It consisted of mucus and debris from the foods we eat not taken regularly between the teeth because of poor oral hygiene. They were found in the exposed parts of the teeth. The long term concentration of accumulated plaque build-up is the cause of tooth decay as it attacked its soft enamel and destroy it slowly.

The plaque trapped at the base of the tooth will turned into hard deposit called tartar or calculus. It inflamed and irritated the gum. The gum showed redness, dull pain, bleeding, swollen skin, tender with pus as indication that infection is progressing. Once the bacteria controls everything, it loosens the teeth in its place. It bleeds even in slight pressure. The pain is intolerable.

Gingivitis can be known if:

-There is bleeding in the gum even by gentle brushing. It is painful to touch.

-The gum has purple color or bright red in appearance.

-Mouth sores appears.

There are other factors that leads to the weakening of gum. Aside from poor oral hygiene, the hormonal change that happened inside the body during the early years of being an adult. Treatment may not be effective even with good oral hygiene because it is a natural condition that affects hormonal balance. Most often, pregnant women have these. There is increase sensitivity of the gum because of her condition. An uncontrolled diabetes may also affect the condition of the gum line.

Further, it was caused by defective structure of the tooth setting like misalignment of teeth, ill-fitting braces, bridges and dentures. It affects the gum, there is swelling and tenderness. It is also aggravated by taking any pills found to be destructive to the gum.

There’s still hope to treat gum disease. Make it a habit to do the following:

-Make periodic consultation with your dentist. He can easily fix whatever circumstances that cause to have gum disease. Medical procedure is the easiest way to determine of any discrepancy. The dentist will clean the teeth using his dentist’s tools removing accumulated deposits between teeth, the plaque that speed up tooth decay.

-Make it a habit to brush your teeth often to avoid tooth decay. Good oral care should be carried out.

-Dental floss is helpful to be free from dental plaque if done more often especially after meals or during bedtime.

-Replace defective mouth appliances that destroy tooth structure.

-Any decayed tooth should be remove to avoid possible contamination with the other healthy teeth.

-Ask the dentist of a medication intended to remove the swelling and prevents further infection.

-If there is gum swelling noted, use warm salt to act as anti-bacterial agents.

-The use of anti-inflammatory medicines are useful to treat the infection but dentist attention is still needed.

Brushing the teeth is a simple task many of us failed to do. It is of our less concern making the teeth healthy. We only act if it’s too late to save the tooth. The suffering will begin when the gum is in the state of deteriorating condition. With gum disease, it will torture us day and night. It may be treated for a while but only long-term good oral hygiene can protect the teeth of being damaged.

Brush your teeth and you will have healthy teeth.

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