Everyone says you glow during pregnancy; but I sure didnt glow. I only appeared to be glowing due to the extra work my heart bad to do to make sure blood was pumped around my baby. I was too busy bent over the toilet throwing up. How could anyone want to get pregnant? Thats the question that raced through my mind on a very frequent basis. I was ready to have my baby and be done and over with being pregnant before my second trimester even started. People told me on a daily basis oh the vomiting will stop; but it never did. It seemed to go on forever, it seemed like my pregnancy would never end, thats not how its supposed to feel is it? I felt so bad everyday for thinking that my pregnancy was the worst thing ive ever been in through but it is true. Being so sick you cant go out and work at a job to make shre things at home are going to be okay after the baby is born is terrible. Being so sick you dont even want to see your friends is pretty bad but being so sick that youre a nasty jerk to everyone around you is bad too but the absolute worst thing about being so sick is fearing that your baby isnt getting the needed nutrients to survive pregnancy or to not be able to have the full healthy life that he or she deserves.  Even know a whole 14 months later; I envy the pregnant women who arent sick; the ones who glow from the faster blood flow and glow from happiness; theyre beautiful! I garauntee i was not very pretty throwing up out the car window all the way home from having a bit of cream in one of my favorite drinks on 22nd street. 

If you were to ask me if I recommend pregnancy….. I would say wait until you are 100% sure you want that.  Why would i say want and not ready? Because youre never 100% ready. 

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