Pregnancy Part #2

The second part of my pregnancy story.

My pregnancy I admit was awful 90% of the time, but the other 10% was dare I say it genuinely enjoyable! I felt like a goddess on those good days; I was creating life inside myself; I was going to give birth to a living being. That thought made me all the more afraid to be pregnant. With so many things that can go wrong, and so many things that can go right, you never truly know which way life will go. All you can do is hope for the best and pray that things will be okay, and make the very best of the situation you’re in. I think pregnancy scares most women, because you can never truly be 100% ready for a baby. You never know exactly what they will be like. My boyfriend and I lucked out as we had a sweet baby boy whom despite being 1 month early and a small 3lbs 13 oz, he was a healthy baby boy. And he only spent 10 days in the NICU when he could have easily spent longer or where things could have easily gone south and we could have been saying goodbye instead of lets go home. We took that sweet baby boy home from the NICU; he was still little and needed a little extra but he was happy and healthy. He slept very good, he was fantastically tempered. Hardly cried unless something was wrong or he needed something, we lucked out. A LOT of moms have a baby that cries about nearly everything. 
Pregnancy seems to go on forever on the really bad days, when you’re sick and throwing up every ounce of strength you have; until you end up in the hospital needing IV fluid and worrying about if the baby is okay. These days I felt awful because I couldn’t seem to find a way to control the nonstop vomiting! But one the really good days, pregnancy seems even longer because you’re just so excited and scared all at the same time to meet your sweet little baby. To hold their little hand, to wipe away their tears, and rock them to sleep. Those days are the days it seems to go on forever! 

My recommendation is to cherish your pregnancy no matter how tough it is, no matter how great it is. Cherish it, that’s the very first bond you will ever have with your sweet baby. They didn’t ask for you to be so sick. In the end they will just want someone to love them unconditionally, someone to hold them when they’re scared or sad, someone to help them when they have trouble.  Pregnancy only lasts approximately 9 months. Cherish it. 

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