Psychology and History: Subjects That Enrich Your Mind

There’s no denying that psychology and history are the most interesting subjects one can learn about. Read on to learn why.

When one thinks about the most interesting subjects he or she can study, psychology and history certainly deserve a place on that list. Think about it: What can be more interesting than learning about human beings? With psychology, you can explore how people’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions influence their behavior. With history, you can dissect why notable people made certain decisions in the past — and how those decisions made an impact on future generations. Both subjects fall under the “social sciences” umbrella and are closely intertwined. For example, Sigmund Freud was a pioneer in the field of psychology. And, because he founded psychoanalysis, there’s no question that he earned a special place in history. Here’s another example: Although the Founding Fathers of the United States are only studied in U.S. History class, there were a host of psychological factors that drove them to push for independence, among them the desire to be respected and extricated from the restrictions imposed by the British. History and psychology go hand in hand, and I would advise all of you to pick up a history or psychology book when you have the time. It’ll certainly help you gain a greater appreciation for human behavior — and for decisions made by prior generations that ultimately benefited us. 

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