Quit Smoking – The Fake Smoking Mirage

The Hidden Enemy

If you are a smoker, you are probably already aware that your life is conditioned by your smoking habits. And as with any other habit, you are probably finding hard to quit.


Quitting any habit requires time, exercise and willpower; furthermore, you have to win the hidden enemy: the desire to continue with your beloved habit.

How does this work? Well, trying to quit will expose you to two big temptations…

The First Temptation: Relax After Withdrawal

If you persist in your quit smoking purpose, you’ll experience soon withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms may not last long, but they will get enough of your resources to let you exhausted. This will make you restless and exasperated and will trigger your desire to be calm again.

The Trap

Of course your mind will address you towards your cigarettes, just to feel at ease. Well, you will feel at ease if you smoke, and this will trigger the trap: you’ll think that trying to quit smoking has a negative effect on you and smoking is going to restore your feeling of control.

The trap is now done: you increase your psychological dependence on smoking, and your next trial will be harder.

The Second Temptation: Easiness After Failure

After a few of such kind of experiences, you’ll start thinking that smoking is helping your survival. At this stage you start to develop excuses to retain it.

The point is that you find so hard to quit that you find much easier to not quit. If you start failing in your purpose to quit smoking, you are going to build a few reasons to have the easy road taken instead of the difficult one.

In a short time you are going to surround yourself of some excuses to not quit.

The Vicious Amplifier

Nicotine will be this temptation amplifier. It will act as the vicious circle engine. As any addictive drug, you’ll have to get more to experience the same level of effects of the previous time.

You’ll have to smoke more to have the same relief you got the first time smoking after the first or the second temptation.

The game is now complete: nicotine will hold you in such a way that you’ll begin craving for more and more of your dose.

Your Ally

If you are trapped in these games, the simple way is to use your resources to come out from the same game.

Taking with your subconscious mind is one of the best effective ways. Discover how to Stop Smoking With Your Mind at my website.

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