Rapid Fat Loss Program for 2015

Here is a great fat loss program you can start following today. We’ll cover exercise, nutrition, and motivation.

you’re here because you’re looking for a good, free fat loss program. Some people think that the only way people will actually use the information you provide is if they purchase it. Well, I don’t believe that for one second. If the information is good and practical, readers will indulge all of their senses to help them along with the program. That’s why I’m going to give you this fat loss program today for free. This way there is nothing that will hold you back from achieving the body of your dreams.

First off, let’s discuss nutrition. This plan is simple. For your protein, try having your portions this size of your palm. This is a good way to get the general amount you should be eating without the measuring and weighing. Make sure your protein is lean and healthy. No fried chicken, no country fried steak. You can have steak, but just make sure it’s a lean cut of steak. When it comes to chicken boneless and skinless is your best friend. Also, things such as turkey ham, and turkey breasts are great way to mix up your protein.

Secondly, it’s time to talk about the dreaded carbs. For simplicity, try to eat carbs in a portion that is no bigger than your fist. This will help you keep your carbs and check so that you’re not overeating on starches. These carbs are things like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, corn, beans, cereals, and rice. This is a easy way to keep track of your carb intake without the constant weighing and measuring. 

Last but not least, the fats. The amount of fat you should consume can be measured by the top half of your thumb where your knuckle is. For nuts and seeds you may want to measure out one fourth of the cup. This is because they are not as dense with fat like extra-virgin olive oil is.

The cheat meal-

one to twice a week it’s okay to have a cheap meal not a cheat day. Don’t even call it a cheat meal. What it should be called is a push meal. Because it is in fact the meal that will push you through all the hard cravings you may have. Because you have a push meal you’re more likely to stay on track and look forward to this said meals.


for beverages you want to avoid all soft drinks. Yes, even the diet soda. Try sticking to water, coffee, and tea. Eventually your taste buds will be used to not having all that sugar. The water will taste delicious, the coffee better, and the tea, heavenly. Just make sure you don’t use a lot of creamer and sweeteners with your coffee.

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