Real Health Benefits of Orange

Sometimes we don’t know how some fruits have certain medicinal properties which helps so much in fighting against any disease.

Orange is one of the fruit with low calorie and no saturated fat .It is enriched in Vitamin C   and  it  do have antioxidant which prevents damage from toxic elements.If you are dieting then orange will help to curb hunger or craving for food because it have pectin.It  also have laxative properties and cleans stomach and intestines.It brings glow to our skin. Orange peel mixed with milk when grated in mixer and if we apply on our skin   it removes sun tan and pigmentation.You will notice a fairer complexion after a week.I would suggest to put aloevera gel after applying orange peel for 30 minutes.So don’t throw away the rind after eating the orange use it for your skin care.Not only it lowers cholesterol and blood sugar but it also prevents cancer

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