Reasons Not to Invite Children to Your Wedding

The most common misconception about having children at a wedding.

The most common reason couples choose not to invite children to their wedding is because they want it to be an adult celebration.

Another worry for couples is that their venue isn’t baby-friendly, meaning there are no high chairs, baby changing facilities, or access for pushchairs. Most wedding venues are very welcoming to families with babies and children, and if there are no high chairs then parents will be welcome to bring along mobile high chairs or booster seats for toddlers.

The most common misconception about having children at a wedding is that they will be noisy or run riot and end up ruining the whole day. As a mother of two ‘high spirited’ children myself who I have taken to several weddings since they were babies, please feel reassured that there are very few parents who would let their children get away with so much as a peep during the ceremony, and most parents with very children will sit close to the door so as to make a quick getaway if needed.

While it’s true that bored or overtired children can make a bit of a noise, parents of small children will usually ensure they bring enough distractions to keep their little ones quiet during the ceremony and speeches, and entertained during the meal.

Wedding crèches are wonderful and highly recommended if you have a lot of children to invite. If a crèche is out of your budget then providing little activity packs, toys or games for children on your reception tables, and bottles of bubbles or petal confetti at the church for the parents will be all that’s needed.

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