Recognize Breastfeeding with Formula Comparison

Be happy for your mothers to breastfeed exclusively for your baby, by the grace of God given is proved to have excellent content for your baby’s growth and development compared to formula or artificial milk. For you who want to know more about breastfeeding Comparison With Formula, I will try to translate it in the following article.

Hopefully this brief explanation will give enlightenment to mothers who have been given the opportunity to breastfeed in order to seek a minimum of exclusive breastfeeding up to the age of 6 months. If the milk is to be produced, then the formula feeding should be minimized in advance, in order to save money and be grateful for the free milk available naturally. Here is a comparison of breast milk with formula is:

The content of breast milk (breast milk)

Containing AA and DHA levels were very high, so it can help the formation of the baby’s brain cells to be maximal. In addition, breast milk naturally be very easily absorbed by the baby’s gut develops, thus making babies rarely have problems with digestion. This is supported by the content of the enzyme that can make the digestive system work more optimally.

Contains anti-microbial enzyme (lysozyme) and good for the intestinal enzymes (lactoferin), which makes the process of development of the body and brain were better.

Breast milk contains oligosaccharides which has the potential to improve and maintain intestinal health.

Breast milk is rich in lactose, a type of carbohydrate that is very conducive to a better brain development.

Containing substances that are good for the body’s defenses (antibodies).

Contains calcium, iron and zinc are equipped with antioxidants.

Contains no cholesterol, no DHA levels but not as much as milk. Absorption of both was less than perfect.

The content of lysozyme and lactoferinnya bit.

The content of lactose and oligosaccharides were little. For some brands of infant formula and some even do not have it.

Contains antioxidants,

The content of enzymes and hormones are not as much breast milk.

Content of Infant Formula

That content owned both types of milk, from Formula Comparison With the ASI, hopefully can give us a call on the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for infants up to at least 6 months old. May be useful

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