Season Five Episode 11 Recap: Courtney Ames

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Courtney is a high school senior from Colorado. She was born with a cleft lip- she had 7 corrective surgeries, but she has always struggled with her appearance and felt like people look at her differently due to her defect even though it is hardly noticeable. She and her boyfriend, Scott, have been together for a while and upon entering a relationship, Courtney was very religious and even had herself a purity ring. But, her relationship with Scott got hot and heavy and she ended up getting pregnant. Since getting pregnant, she has decided to return to her promise to God and remain abstinent until marriage. 

Scott does not like this pledge one bit, but goes along with it to please Courtney. After conversations with his friends and family about the topic, you can obviously tell he is bothered by her no sex pledge. He lives in his own 2 bedroom apartment and wants Courtney to move in with him, but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea because she feels it would be an opportunity to engage in premarital sex once again. She does eventually decide it is best for them since they are having a son together, but she insists on them sleeping in separate rooms- Scott in one room and she and the baby in the other. He is not particularly fond of their sleeping arrangements, but he is happy they will at least be living together. 

They go to have an ultrasound and they find out that the baby, too, will suffer from a cleft lip- which makes Courtney feel extremely guilty. Her mom had it and passed it to her so the genetics behind this does provide an explanation at least, but she is still upset that she has passed it on to her child. They don’t know how severe it will be, but they do know that it will have one for sure. Not only does she feel guilt, but she is worried that Scott will feel differently and treat the baby differently due to the defect,  but he keep assuring her that everything will be fine and it’s not that big of a deal. Not long after the news, Courtney goes into labor and it’s fairly short given the 16 & Pregnant lineup of labor and delivery scenes. 

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