Self-actualizing Advice: Resources

Whether it’s you or your people, you always have resources that you can use to become the best person you can be!

 As seen in the “Actualization App”, this meditation focuses on things that every person has and that is their resources. Resources can be tangible like food, supplies, transportation, money, or medicine. Resources can also be other people who support you like parents, friends, family members, and other people that you can talk to. Finally, resources can be values and traits inside like love, happiness, joy, friendship, determination, self-esteem, and others.

By using your inner and outer resources it is almost guaranteed that you can overcome your problems and make a better future for yourself. If you tell yourself that your resources are there and ready for you to use, then you be able to actually use them when you are trying to change things or overcome a stressful situation. This is important, because so many of us feel like we don’t have anything when we are going from place to place. That is not true! You do have resources, no matter who you are, you have what it takes to make your dreams come true for your best possible future.

Sometimes we can’t find either our inner or outer resources and it seems like we’re alone. That is not true! If there isn’t anyone you can talk to, you can always make a new friend or find someone who is willing to hear your story. If you think that your personality isn’t that great and you don’t have any inner resources, that is not true! You wouldn’t have gotten this far in your life if it wasn’t for your inner resources that have been pushing you to grow and continue to live. Whether it’s you or your people, you always have resources that you can use to become the  best person you can be!

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