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Can You Die From a Broken Heart?

Can love kill a person?

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Matsyasana Gives Relief From Asthma and Sciatica

The Fish Pose of Yoga Stretches Your Abdominal Organs to Stimulate Digestion, and Also Improves Your Poise and Bearing.


Gomukhasana Gives You a Commanding Poise with Your Chest Thrust Out

The Gomukhasana or the Cow Pose of Yoga stretches your chest and develops in you the poise of keeping your chest thrust out. This gives you a confident poise. In addition this pose also stretches your ankles, hips thighs, shoulders, armpits, biceps and triceps.


Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Should you fix your nose? During the last 10 years surgery procedures have proliferated all around the world. In this article the positive and negative aspects of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery are studied in detail.


I Finished my First Marathon and Learned a Valuable Life Lesson II: The Marathon

In Part I, I walked through the months of preparation for my first full marathon. In Part II, I literally walk you through the marathon itself and the simple life lesson I re-learned.


The New, Flab-free You: Secrets to a Sexy Abs

Time and again, people complain about their flabby tummies. What can be the secret of those celebrities and supermodels who flaunt impossibly flat and sexy abs on magazine covers? These tips, with much patience and discipline on your part, will help you get to your dream abs … the healthy way.


Anger and Criticism

How we deal with anger and criticism is to commonly get defensive. Let’s try some new techniques to accept criticism without anger.


Pink Salvation

Image struggles of a young woman.


Teenagers May Overcome Behavioural Problem Through Hypnotherapy

Teenagers have to face many challenges of life. Those who successfully accept changes and find ways to adjust with the help of therapy, they can smoothly switchover to next developmental stage.