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Self-harm is Fashionable According to World Experts

Self-harm is a disturbing trend that has raised concerns among psychologists. Is self-harm considered fashionable in some circles? Physical pain is sometimes so severe that it blocks out anxiety, depression and even obsessive thoughts. Is this why so many people are deliberately hurting themselves?


What is Self-Harm and What Makes a Self-Harmer?

There is much misconception regrading self-harm. Not only are the reasons why people self-harm often misunderstood but who the self-harmers actually are is a surprise to many.


The Danger of Razors

About cutting and how it feels for a teenager, and other forms of danger with teens and hurting themselves.


Self-harm: Healing the Inner Turmoil

Cases of self-harm are on the increase, so if someone close to you is self-harming what can you do to help?


Burning the Bridges Leading to Tomorrow

About pain, depression and self-harm.

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Cutting: Things Parents and Teachers Need to Know

“Cutting” is a growing trend amongst young teens these days. This guide will hopefully provide some useful information to teens, parents, and teachers.


Tips to Help You Stop Self-Harming

Here are some tips that you can use when you want to stop self-harming.