Sexy Questions To Ask A Guy

If you’re wanting to figure out what your guy likes, then why not ask him? Whether he’s a new guy or your long-term boyfriend, you can ask him some sexy and naughty questions to not only learn more about him but also turn him on in the process. All relationships hit a boring phase and this is when you’ll need to work on spicing it up. By asking these questions, you’ll discover so much more about him and he’ll get to see your adventurous and sexual side. So, what do you need to ask him? Keep reading if you want to find out!

Remember, there’s no limit to what you can ask him, so feel free to go wild. If he doesn’t want to answer the question, then ask another. If you want to improvise with the questions and make them more or less sexual, you can. You need to be comfortable when asking these questions. So use some of these questions the next time you want to have a fun chat with your boyfriend – or make up your own questions!

Do you like being the big spoon or little spoon?

What part of my body turns you on the most?

What’s your favorite part of your body?

Do you like it when I’m on top?

Where’s the wildest place that you’ve had sex?

Have you ever had a one night stand?

I bought some lingerie today, do you want to see it?

Do you think you’re good in bed?

What’s your favorite sexual position?

What do you think about when you’re masturbating?

Have you ever had sex in public?

Have you ever sent someone a dick pic?

If you only had five minutes with me, what would you do?

Do you like the lights on or off when you’re having sex?

Do you sleep naked?

Have you ever had a threesome? If so, was it with two girls or two guys?

Have you ever had a sex dream about me?

Do you like me better with or without makeup?

Have you ever used a sex toy? Do you want to try one?

Which celebrity have you masturbated to?

Do you want to watch me touch myself?

What’s the most sensitive part of your body?

What do you like better – boobs or butt?

Do you like it when I take control in bed or when you take control in bed?

Have you ever been to a strip club?


If you could have sex with one celebrity, who would it be?

What would you do if you saw me making out with another hot woman?

Do you think your parents have heard us having sex?

Out of everything you’ve done in sex, what’s the one thing you love doing the most?

What’s the highest number of people you’ve dated at one time?

Are you jealous when other guys talk to me? Did one situation ever make you jealous?

What’s your nastiest fantasy?

Have you ever tried anal sex? What do you think about it?

Do you like it when I shave, trim or wax down there?

Has anyone ever walked in on your masturbating?

What’s the dirtiest thing that anyone has ever done with you?

Take a good guess, what color of underwear am I wearing right now?

When having sex, did you ever call the girl by the wrong name?

If you could only have one type of sex for the rest of your life – anal, oral or vaginal – which one would you pick?

If I could only wear one either yoga pants or super short skirts for the rest of my life, which would you choose?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and regretted the person you slept with that night?

Would you like me to pleasure you while you’re driving?

If you would choose me either being slightly overweight or slightly underweight, what would you choose?

Did you watch 50 Shades of Grey? Did it turn you on?

Are you turned on by feet?

What was your worst sexual experience?


Do you like BDSM?

Have you ever thought about someone else while having sex?

Have you ever video recorded yourself having sex with someone?

Where’s the one place in public that you want to have sex in?

What’s the longest you’ve gone without having sex?

Have you ever had sex with someone you weren’t attracted to?

Which do you prefer? Spit or swallow?

Does the thought of recording yourself having sex turn you on?

How would you describe your penis?

What do you like better: boy shorts or thongs?

What’s an automatic turn-on for you?

What’s the best thing a woman can do in bed?

Hw do you feel about sexting? Do you like it?

Do you prefer to have sex in the morning or at night?

Do you like being tied up? Would you want to tie me up?

Have you ever hooked up with someone that you weren’t supposed to hook up with?

Are you a member of the mile high club?

Have you ever received a lap dance?

If I let you dress me up for a date night, what would you have me wear?

How do you like having sex – rough or sensual?

If you could have me wear anything, what would it be?

When you first met me, what did you think about me?

How do you feel when I make the first move?

If you could describe my body in three words, what words would you choose?

When am I the most beautiful to you?

Have you ever bragged about me to other people?

Do you get jealous when other guys check me out?

How old were you when you lost your virginity? And how did it happen?

Do you like your hair being pulled?

 Do you like it when I talk dirty to you?

Do you have a name for your package? If not, what would you name it?

Do you consider yourself to be a romantic?

What’s your dream date?

What do you think about open relationships?

How many relationships have you had?

Before we started dating, did you ever fantasize about me?

Do you like going down on me?

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