Simple Solutions That Have Reduced Sids

Since people started to put their newborns to sleep on their back sudden infant death syndrome has dropped dramatically. The original thinking behind putting a baby to sleep on it’s back was to avoid choking if they spit up BUT according to studies the rate of SIDS did not go down when placed on their stomach when sleeping. Studies actually began to show that a baby was more prone to a SIDS, when placed on their tummy. Studies showed that a babies abdominal muscles are not strong enough to continue breathing if they chock up when in a deep sleep, and the infant just quit breathing. If a baby chokes up while sleeping on their stomach it would wake up and the worst thing that could happen would be pneumonia from chocking on its vomit. As far as putting a baby to sleep on it’s side…it is still fine.

The only reason doctors don’t push this way of putting a baby to sleep is if a baby is placed incorrectly, gravity usually pulls it over on its stomach. Doctors a pediatricians don’t encourage this behavior in parents for fear of them doing it wrong. Although if your baby is having a hard time or can’t sleep on its back you maybe able to make a wedge so that it may prevent your baby from rolling on its back.

As soon as most babies turn about five months old they will learn to find their best sleeping position. Its all part of a humans  normal development. By the age of six months almost all children are past the time the risk of SIDS,  and it will be safe for you to let your child find their own comfortable sleeping position. But sleep position is just one factor when it comes to preventing SIDS. It’s important to be sure that a baby doesn’t get too hot. Keep your babies crib or sleeping area clear of debris, such as toys blankets and other baby paraphernalia. Also try and keep its room at a comfortable temperature.

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