Since When is a Sin or Disease a Lifestyle

Illicit Sex, drugs and alcohol have moved from the secret sins to lifestyles.

Drinking alcohol has been socially acceptable these days, like drinking coffee or water.  And there is nothing wrong with it.  In many cultures, alcohol is served with the meals, snacks, social functions and political functions.  Alcohol has some health benefits also that is not normally recognized.  Heart, blood pressure, blood thinners,  are some benefits that are attributed to it. However, if over indulged, alcohol can be addicting, and deadly.

Drugs are becoming socially acceptable. Some drugs has gone from prescription to over the counter.  Some illegal drugs have become socially acceptable in certain social circles.  And then there are some pain medications that are addicting, but yet they are non-prescription.  Now, there is a national movement to legalize marijuana, even though it is addicting and can greatly impair the body.  Just like alcohol, drugs are becoming widely acceptable. Addictions are going from an embarrassment to acceptance. Again, some drugs may be helpful, but in large quantities it can be addicting and deadly.

Sex in the media, whether it be books, magazines, or television and radio programming, have become an in your face ingredient in sales and programming.  An over abundant of interest in sex has been considered an addiction.  Sex at times have been considered more potent than drugs.  Placing sex in the mixture maximizes the basic human drive to desire anything in life, including sex.  Man has use sex for centuries as tools, weapons, bribes, and as leverage in the market place.  It too has become the norm. However, sex out side of marriage, or before, can be as deadly as drugs, regardless of the precautions.

No matter what your vice is today, it at one time has been considered illegal or frowned upon by society, and there was a reason for that.  The Bible tells us that if we ingest anything into the body that harms the body, it is sin.  We have taken sin these days and placed them in different categories, such as addictions, sickness, mental illness, or disease.  We have made it so that what was sin gets reshuffled under a new title, and when we are done reshuffling, we hope that there is no sin left to confess.  But God begs to differ with us.  He cannot reshuffle sin so that is acceptable, because he has set the parameters of sin.  He has the boundaries for life set and He is not going to expand those boundaries to cheapen life.

It behooves us to know what the Bible says what is and is not sin.  Whatever we may think what lifestyles or “addictions” are, you could bet in God’s eyes it is sin.  There will be a lot of disappointed people in the next life when they are confronted with the truth of their actions.  By that time, it would be too late.

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