Sitting Too Long is Bad for You!

Sitting for long periods of time can be really bad for you.

Have you ever noticed that after sitting down at your computer for a long period of time your body starts to ache?  As someone who spends a great deal of time on mine I know it all too well.  In fact, if I sit at my computer for more than an hour getting up for a drink of water can be quite painful. 

One of the biggest problems people who sit for too long have is that they don’t sit properly.  People tend to “slouch”  or “hunch” over in their seats which puts a lot of strain on their back.  Sitting for long periods of time also keeps your body from circulating blood properly and can actually cause blood clots in your legs.  

How can you combat sitting too long? Well, just because you have a desk job doesn’t mean you are glued to your chair.  Stand up every now and then! Walk around a little bit if you can.  Take a few trips to the water fountain or bathroom.  Even if you aren’t thirsty and don’t have to go to the loo you can still get a bit of exercise and give your body a little break from sitting!  I am sure your body will thank you!

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  1. Yes, right posture is key to a strong back. I have back problems because of this, and right now I beginning to correct the situation with back strengthening exercises.

  2. Wow you know what I heard the same thing from a older lady, a long time ago I heard that’s how most of your humps in your back start..

  3. Yes, that’s right. But not only sitting at the computer, but also laying on the sofa watching TV. Those who have a sedentary job should have a two hour walk every evening. Well, everybody should. Very few people take this seriously. Thanks for sharing, Mel!

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