Six Foods You Must Eat to Have a Healthy Heart

Having Observed World Heart Day Last September, and September to being World Heart Day, this article attempts to remind my readers to eat protect their hearts by eating foods that boosts the health of their hearts. Below are just six of them;

Given that September is World Heart Day and we are just a few weeks away from September, this article attempts to remind the readers to protect their hearts by eating foods that boosts the health of their hearts. Below are just 6 of them;


We under-consume fruits at the expense of our heart’s heath. Fruits are high in fibre and are rich in Vitamin C, but what many folks don’t know is that eating fruits of different kinds at the rate of five serves a day could permanently fortify your heart from any heart disease. The good thing is that fruits are plentiful both in the wild and in home environments. You are even advised to have a fruit even on your office desk as you work.


Vegetables such as tomatoes, green pepper and carrots have low proteins and fats, but are very rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres. These are generally very healthy foods for the heart. Ensure that you vary the colours of the vegetables you consume to ensure you maximize the benefits to your heart.


 Oats are amazing sources of soluble fibre and recent research has discovered that oats actually contain cholesterol-lowering properties which immensely benefit that heart. You will maximise this benefit to your heart if you eat at least a bowl of oat porridge for breakfast everyday. You could enjoy a grab of oat cakes for snacks that will release unto you,  slow energy that you require for a whole day.


Lentils, especially green lentils contain 20% less dietary fibre than red lentils, yet this not withstanding, lentils generally contain folate, vitamin B1, protein and minerals, which are all very poweful elements for the prevention of heart disease. Include lentils as a tasty alternative to potatoes or rice on your dinner menu.


Nutritionists recommend that every human being should eat at least 1-2 servings of oily fish a week to maintain the body levels of Omega 3 fatty acids which are useful for the health of your blood. With all the much talked about benefits of fish such as mackerel, salmon, sardines and fresh tuna, all must be consumed when not canned. Any canned fish product loses its health benefits so we are encouraged to avoid canned fish.Soya

Including some soya into your diet will give you immense health benefits to your heart, because they are the richest plant protein you can think of anywhere in the world. They also have very low cholesterols, which will gurantee the general health of your heart. You can even cook soya beans in their pods if you so like, it takes nothing out of this very healthy food stuff. Other types of soya based products which are readily available at your local store which take the form of yogurts and milk.

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