Six Habits That Son Wants to Eat Healthy

Six Habits that Son Wants to Eat Healthy.

The eating habits at home affect the interests of children to eat vegetables and fruits. [/ Quote]

Eating habits established early. You can do a good habit at home so that children no longer refuse to eat healthy foods. This way you can do that the children would eat vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, as well as a variety of other healthy intake required for growth and development.

[Dropcap] 1 [/ dropcap] Notice of inventory in storage cupboard and freezer meal.
Whatever exists in both places will affect the whole family eating patterns, including the child. Avoid high-fat snacks, salty, and sweet at the inventory.

Choose foods such as fruits and vegetables to be stored, in particular food that is easy to carry and eat, such as apples, bananas, and small carrots. Choose fresh foods as fruit and vegetable crisper taste with natural sweetness. Other foods that are healthy nonfat yogurt, natural peanut butter, whole-grain crackers and low-fat milk.

[Dropcap] 2 [/ dropcap] Encourage your child to shop.
Engaging in small time shop can simultaneously show how mothers choose healthy food ingredients. If necessary, make a list of healthy foods to be purchased before shopping. If the child is taking other foods while shopping, show the list of healthy foods before. If the child’s food choices not on the list of healthy foods family.

[Dropcap] 3 [/ dropcap] build your own snacks at home.
At the age of growth, children need three meals plus two times larger snack (snack or snack). Provide healthy snacks or cook at home always like pieces of fresh fruit, pudding sugar content is low, the contents of vegetable spring rolls, or tempeh burger.

[Dropcap] 4 [/ dropcap] Vary the dishes provided.
Parents need to be creative to try new recipes. This is both a trick to “hide” a food that does not like children or the process by mixing it into food or snack attractive. For example, mixing the dough dumplings carrots or spinach blend and mix in dough balls.

Furthermore, attractively presented food, such as carrot-shaped panda print or other forms favorite, decorate with chocolate pudding with his name, and so on. Parents are also encouraged to present a selection of foods that are steamed or boiled rather than fried or baked.

Also, do not forget the intake of calcium and other minerals. In infancy, children need calcium. This substance can be obtained through the cheese. For example, add a sheet of low-fat cheese but, to the breakfast omelets. Or mix in the salted fish fried rice favorite. In essence, be smart creative that needs vitamins and minerals in a small met.

[Dropcap] 5 [/ dropcap] Remember to eat and drink enough fluids.
On average each person has 60 percent of your weight because of all the systems in the body depends on water. Water will flush toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to the cells of the body, as well as for tissue produces moisture ear, nose, and throat.

Lack of water in the body can lead to dehydration, which is the situation arising due to lack of water so that the body can not function normally. Therefore, encourage your child to drink 10-12 glasses of water per day. Add the fruit juice at every meal time selingannya.

[Dropcap] 6 [/ dropcap] Keep the meals.
Discipline mealtime will educate children to eat only when hungry not “hungry eyes”. Good habits to discipline mealtime to prevent children want to snack at any time.

When mealtime arrives, ask the whole family to gather around the dinner table. Make eating together as a family fun event. Opportunity to eat together this will also be a parent gives an example of dining etiquette.

For example, teach your child take reasonable portions, enough 1-2 scoop of rice, a piece of meat or a side dish with a bowl of vegetables. Children’s eating habits will record with the way her parents ate at the dinner table.

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