Slim Pills and Its Side Effects

Slim pills can help you lose those kilos, if you are willing to risk mood swings, kidney stones and heart disease.

The weighing scale might bring a smile to your face, but fat burners aren’t the best news for your body. Slim pills can help you lose those kilos, if you are willing to risk mood swings, kidney stones and heart disease.


Pop a pill and see those kilos drop? Nothing could be simpler. But is weight the only thing you are losing? Side effects of these pills, some of which are banned for use in weight loss, include kidney stones, mood swings and even heart diseases.

What? Drugs that assist in weight loss are commonly known as fat burners. They can work in three ways-by increasing the metabolic rate, reducing the appetite and reducing the absorption of fat in the body. Commonly used fat burners include thermogenic drugs (the main ingredient is often ephedra, now banned), appetite suppressants (like sibutramine, banned for use in weight loss) and pancreatic lipase inhibitors.

How do they work?

Thermogenic supplements, such as those containing ephedra, work to increase the metabolic rate, which results in more calories being burnt. Appetite suppressants work on the brain and reduce hunger. Pancreatic lipase inhibitors reduce the fat absorption in the intestines. These pills are eaten after a meal, and once the drug is released in the intestine, it allows) enzymes to digest only a certain percentage of the fat content in the food and the remaining fat is simply excreted from the system, so you don’t put on those extra kilos.

The Temptation

There’s nothing seemingly easier than popping a pill and losing the kilos.

The Downside

It has been noticed that the long-term effects of some of these medications include increased heart rate, leading to high risk of heart attacks and alarming mood changes. The pancreatic lipase inhibitors can also cause diarrhoea, fat intolerance, kidney stones and liver problems. Plus, popping a pill does not mean you can eat all you want without putting on any weight. “Anyone taking a fat burner is advised to reduce the fat intake in their diet, so that the side effects of indigestion and fat intolerance could be controlled.”But if you are going to reduce fat in your diet, what’s the point of taking pills? You may as well just reduce the fat intake and your weight will come down automatically” Plus, there an also indications of increased chances of intestinal cancer, though the link is yet to be established.

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