Suffering From Chronic Heartburn? Simple Natural Treatment Helps Miraculously

Acid reflux or heartburn is a common problem, the article talks about effective natural treatment.

Acid Reflux or heartburn is the result of modern lifestyle. It is one of the most irritating problems. Typically an acid reflux is a sharp burning sensation in the middle part of the chest. It causes due to a reverse flow of digestive acid from the stomach into esophagus. Hence it is called Acid Reflux. Other than a burning sensation, there can be symptoms like flatulence, gases and bloating. Sometimes strange symptoms like cough, difficulty in swallowing and short breath can be seen. Since these symptoms are quite misleading, they may cause incorrect diagnosis/medication.

The cause

Lower esophageal sphincter or LES does not contract properly and thus unable to stop the reverse flow of acid that causes heartburn. Overweight, going to bed immediately after meals, excessive consumption of fried food, coffee or alcohol aggravate the problem. Chewing acidity regulating tablets or taking Sodium-bi-carbonate gives temporary relief. However, they are not permanent remedies.  A few natural treatments work miraculously to keep it under control.

Natural treatment

No medicine can give permanent relief to the problem of Acid Reflux. Natural remedies are the only solution for permanent relief.

a) Change the diet: Diet plays an important role in Acid Reflux. Food excessive fats take more time to digest. Higher quantity of digestive juices needs to be produced by our digestion system to decompose the fat into fatty acids. It results in acid reflux. Consuming highly acidic food like sour fruits, caffeine, chocolates, tomatoes also cause Acid Reflux. Some people are sensitive towards specific food items that cause heartburn.

b) Change the lifestyle: Avoid going to bed immediately after the meals. Avoid exercises after meals. Keep a gap of two to three hours between the dinner and bedtime. Avoid smoking, consumption of liquor and late night parties. Take adequate sleep to boost the digestion process.

c)  Drink ample water: Water helps in diluting the acid in the stomach. Drinking sufficient quantity of water is beneficial in Acid Reflux. It is better to drink 1000 to 1200 ml water daily.

It is possible to control Acid Reflux by natural treatment. It is the best way to avoid this maddening problem.  Living a simple and stress-free life and making positive changes bring a permanent relief!

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