Sugar is The Worst Poison

Many individuals who like sweet meals and contain a lot of glucose. But glucose it can get individuals to addicted. Not only that, even glucose can be called as a material that is really harmful that can cause serious damage to our bodies.

“Sugar is not only dangerous, but also is a material that is really harmful,” claims Dr. John Lustig, lecturer of pediatrics at the University of California, who became famous for his lectures on YouTube, as reported Geniusbeauty, Friday (11/11/2011).

According to Dr. John, glucose leads to the development of metabolic syndrome aggravated by being overweight, which increases the risk of hypertension, diabetic issues and heart related illnesses.

Doctors consider fructose to cause this problem because it is characterized by increased toxicity when compared to glucose. So, even with a bit of calories, the side effects are more visible.

What happens to your body system when you eat sugar?

After glucose enters the bloodstream, the system sugar levels will rise resulting in the pancreas to release system insulin (insulin is needed to turn glucose into energy).

When a lot of glucose is consumed, more system insulin is launched. Insulin that transforms glucose into instant power source, which explains the great power distress from a donut or simple. Having a advanced level of system insulin is launched, system sugar levels began to decrease rapidly, resulting in problems shortly after eating sugary meals.

In inclusion to turn glucose into power, system insulin also stimulates fat storage. Therefore, the more glucose you eat the more system insulin is produced. As a result, the more likely you will put on weight.

In inclusion to resulting in being overweight (overweight) and decay, glucose is also associated with more serious health issues, including swift changes in moods, decreased defense mechanisms and diabetic issues.

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