Summer TV Replacements: You’re The Worst :a TV Show to Consider This Summer!

Here is a great FX tv show that is like thevFX show “Louie”. If you like that show then you’ll love the “you”re the worst’

There is a new show for the summer for the cable network FX  that debuts at 10:30 pm, July 17, 0n FX cable channel. If you like the FX show “Louie” then you’ll love  ”you’re the worst.” Also, the part about this show is they show a character snorting cocaine. The watching of snorting cocaine  could lead to teens , in my opinion if they think the character is ‘cool’ then they may be interested enough to try it saying they won’t get hooked as they walk out of drug rehab..not to mention it is illegal to snort cocaine

The start of you’re the worst  has Chris Greere, who plays Jimmy who on the show went to his ex girlfriend’s wedding and made major chaos. But he does find a girl like him.

Jimmy tells the bride, his ex girlfriend ,” Sometimes you you just want to be there for the beginning  of a disaster, so later, when the house is in flames you can say, yup , I was there when they installed the faulty wiring.”

He meets Gretchen at the wedding which like himself is both cynical and self destructive like Jimmy. They got along great because they are so alike. The night of the wedding of Jimmy’s ex girlfriend had a one night stand that somehow they find themselves in a longer term relationship than either anticipated. The cuteness of this show has some cuteness which is how alike Gretchen and Jimmy have in common.


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