Talking to Yourself: Is It Normal?

In movies, people are portrayed as eccentric by showing them carrying on conversations with themselves; the same goes for real life. However, is talking to yourself really a sign of mental illness? This article explores the appropriateness of conversing with yourself. Interested? Read on.

In today’s society, talking to yourself is associated with an unstable mentality. People who communicate with themselves think they are going mad and thus quickly seek professional, psychological help at the first instance. Why does society frown for doing so, automatically regarding these people as barmy? Is it merely paranoia or is there a darker side to it?

For adults who do so, don’t worry. Scientists advocate talking to yourself, believing it to be perfectly normal as well as having phenomenal emotional benefits. According to a recent poll conducted by Nottingham Trent University, passengers on a bus or train are able to release their inner stress by quietly humming a tune or simply whispering to themselves.  However, they try to do this as inaudibly as possible, feeling “it’s legitimate to communicate to others, but not with themselves” as cited from leading researcher Dr. Glenn Williams.

Furthermore, children also stand to gain by speaking to themselves. A study conducted by Dr. Adam Winsler of George Mason University deduced that kindergarten kids who talk to themselves are more confident, participating actively during class compared to their more introverted peers. By chatting with themselves, they are able to put their problems into perspective and reflect upon their past actions. Dr. Adam says “private speech” was essential in childhood development and should not be censured, but rather heartily embraced and encouraged.

For that reason, there’s nothing wrong with talking to yourself at all! Most of us probably do it too; remember that nerve-wrecking job interview you had and when you kept telling yourself “It’ll be alright”? You were simply reassuring yourself. This is 100% typical of a normal person. So don’t worry if you do so. Instead, think of the advantages you attain by talking to yourself.  

However, my concern is that the reason for you talking to yourself could be troubling you. Could it be that you’ve been emotionally hurt? After all, it is of the utmost importance that you seek help for your condition (if any). One word: Forgiveness. Forgiving and forgetting the past works wonders; believe me. Learn the magic of forgiveness from someone who learned first hand.  I’ve read it before myself and believe me; it worked well for me. Not quite wonders, but substantially. Hope it helps you too! Till we next meet, cheers!

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