Technology as a Need

First thing you do when you get up in the morning is check for updates from friends, family or workplace through computers or mobiles.  The dependency on technology has been intense in the past 200 years, from the industrial revolution in the 18th Century to the present day.  Humans have ignored the ‘old-fashioned way’ of doing tasks, which involved a lot of manual work, and adopted new better techniques to get the work done quicker in larger amounts.  The over-dependence on technology could be shown from a constant usage of internet, smartphones and the using of smart devices by disabled people to communicate with their surroundings.          

The Internet, also known as cyberspace, is the biggest network which connects millions of people all around the world with different social websites and mediums.  Social networking have been one of the biggest changes in bringing people together as it provides a way in which people show their lives to their friends and family and connect with them.  The importance given to social networking have been massive since 2005 when Facebook got launched and millions of people started using it as a means of communication.  Later, Twitter arrived in 2008 bringing in the new evolution of ‘following’ and as a means of keeping a person up-to-date with the latest news from their favorite celebrities, friends or family.  Another form of communication which people are heavily reliant on is instant messaging.  How many times have you seen people glued to their mobile screens and their hands constantly moving through the keys?  Thomas (2011) stated that “Teens started using online chat to talk to multiple people at one time while simultaneously being able to listen to music or surf the net”, therefore, enabling people to multi-task through the enjoyment of chatting and surfing the internet.  This so-called ‘enjoyment’ has left people into a non-reversible cycle of continuous using of instant messaging as addiction overcomes the need.  Lastly, search engines have handicapped people into doing minimal work while providing hundreds of solutions online.  How many people you know who have pulled off a last minute essay with the help of Google or any other search engine?  Researches have shown that “Global internet traffic showed a 40% during downtime due to Google blackout” (Tabor, 2013). Of course, Google being the main search engine of everyone’s likings have showed that there was a huge setback in the number of people accessing internet due to three days blackout.  Search engines also provide with vital information through which people are able to view the world with better understanding.

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