Teenage Orthodontics

This article is about dental health of teenagers and about braces.

If you want your teenage child to spotless smile and healthy jaws and teeth then orthodonic treatment is your solution. Once your child can bite correctly it will eat much more comfortably and easily. Arrangement of teeth that your child develop in puberty stage will follow him all his life, so it is important to provide to your child healthy and correct way to improve its oral care. We offer a variety of dental services, and some of them are correction of the bite of the teeth and alignment of the upper and lower dental arches, enchance of facial aesthetics, accomodation of displaced teeth, and advanced dental treatments such as bridges, crowns and implants. 

The most common way of correction of teenagers teeth is setting dental braces. If your child has crooked, rotated or twisted teeth, or too smal or to big jaw for its teeth, braces are the way to fix that. The procedure is very simple. First, the orthodontist will diagnose the problem using differents methods ( x-rays, models, impressions, photographs.. ). Once orthodontist has made the diagnosis he will decide what treatment to use. In most teenager cases braces are the solution, rarely operations. Braces will straighten your childs teeth and it will surely stay in place for an extended amount of time and it will exert pressure. Braces are usually worn up to 3 years, and in that time orthodontist will perform adjustments on braces if needed. Braces are applying continous pressure to move teeth in wanted direction. In the treatment progress, teeth change their position. As far as the types of braces, there are several of them. Some are made of metal and go around each tooth, and some are attached to theoutside surfaces of each tooth with special glue. Beside metal ones, there are also braces made of plastic or ceramic. They are in most cases clear, so they will gain the color of the teeth. The braces who are attached on the inside teeth surfaces are called invisible braces, and patiens often can choose which kind they want. And the end of this long road, orthodontist will take the braces off and repeat the x-ray to make sure everything is now healthy and correct. It is possible that the orthodontist prescribe the retainer to your child because it will maintain tooth positions after the treatmen with braces. This is needed because jaw and gums need time to stabilize around the teeth. Orthodontist will decide how long the retainer should be worn based on the overall condition of the oral cavity.

It is important that your child is getting proper care of its teeth. Also, in addition to aesthetics of the oral cavity, jaw, gums and teeth must be consistent, because if only one of them is neglected it will affect the harmony of oral cavity. Dental procedures and braces tend to be unpleasant and painful for the child but it is a process through your child must pass in order to gain a perfect and flawless smile.

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