The Beast Inside – Chapter Four

The Daughter of the Demon

The teenage hero looked up as the doors of the huge hall opened again and two bots entered carrying a semi-conscious Raven. They tied her to the chains on the wall directly in front of Robin. He had had time to think during the few minutes the machine guards had been gone as Slade had sat back down on his throne and had awaited their return. Apparently he had been deep in his thoughts too because as soon as they came in he rose to his feet again, taking his fingers off his chin.

“Ah ! The demon’s daughter has arrived !” Said Slade with obvious delight. The dark-haired girl looked up to him with a heinous glare but she did not respond to his obvious provocation. Robin could see had cuts all over her face and her body, her leotard and her cape were in pieces and she still seemed to be of it a bit even though she was conscious. What happened for her to get so badly beaten up ? He thought as Slade walked towards her. Apparently the masked villain knew the answer as he scoffed and mocked her again.

“Well; he seems to have beaten you up quite badly… Did you hesitate to fight him or are you simply too weak ?” This time Raven not only shot him a glare but she also spits on his face.

“Oh that is not wise girl…” He replies, heavily slapping the dark Titan in the face with the back of his hand. Robin could see blood dripping from her mouth as Slade took a step back and wiped his mask. The teenager let out a growl at the tall man but Slade did not react and kept his back too him.

“So, tell me Raven, or should I call you Rachel ?” The girl shot her head up, still glaring, she looked at him with a neutral expression but Robin knew she must have been thinking the same as him. How the hell had Slade learned about their secret identity ? And an even worse thought came to him : had he done anything with that information ? As the leader of the Teen Titans was about to analyse the possibilities that this leak of info offered he was cut off by Slade’s voice.

“What is your plan in coming here ?” If he had picked up on the two allies’ thoughts or intentions he didn’t show it. “What makes you so confident that your foolish attempt to take me down will succeed ?” She did not answer and simply kept glaring at the villain, not wavering under his cold and hard gaze.

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